Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy 2555 Khmer New Year and a reflection

As Khmer New Year approaches, it is time to reflect on one of the controversial topic of money. Around the world, people use money to buy material possessions. Money is used also in exchange for other things. The power of having money is unlimited. Money can make the world go round. But some of the richest people in life do not have money. What makes someone rich? Their bank account? Their savings? The bottom line? What if the bottom line was a tally of friendships made, of families gathered, of sunsets watched, of laugh shared or of communities helped? Love, compassion and friendship have value too. Generosity is more important than profit. What if everyone tried to maximize that kind of bottom-line. One thing is for sure. The world would be richer for it.

HAPPY KHMER NEW YEAR TO ALL and may you find and enjoy real peace, real harmony, and real happiness.